Diary Entry Two - Working on a budget

When I say I’m working on a budget it assumes that I have a budget at all. Fortunately if I play my cards right, cook dinners for the right people and utilise the excellent facilities that a resident of the city of Melbourne has available to them I should get by.

The last recording I made was in a studio that cost $1000 a day back in 2006 and I have to say the cost wasn’t worth it. Since then things have progressed and I will take advantage of the thousands of developments in recording technology over the past twelve years. 

Here’s a link to the Library at the Dock recording studio that I will be partially using to record the album. I’ll do some tracking at home, a house in Mathoura and maybe some other places. Basically I’ll do whatever it takes to get this thing done.

Until next time...

Diary Entry One

Well here we go.

It’s been 12 years since my last recording, The Truth. In that time, like most of us, my life has changed beyond recognition and so it will be interesting to see how that is reflected in my new album. I’m putting together this diary to basically keep myself honest and with your help build an expectation that I’ll actually get the bloody thing done!

The working title is Ten More Days...but more on that later. 

I want this diary to be a mix of video, audio, words and pictures. As we go along please don’t hesitate to ask questions, provide advice or offer up suggestions. Thanks for popping in, let’s do this.