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I’ve been writing a fair bit recently. So I thought I’d better find a place on this site to consolidate the articles I’ve been writing for other sites. So this shall be the place for that. 

It's OK to Whitewash | IndigenousX

Monday afternoon, the 15th of October 2018. A nation holds its breath as families, workplaces and boardrooms huddle around television screens as they sit tight for ultimate judgement by the learned men and women of the Australian senate. The bone crushingly heavy question they've been asked to consider, is it ok to be white.

Five Wasted Years in Indigenous Affairs

While Tony Abbott celebrates five years of the "Abbott Government" and his new role as special envoy, Daniel James look at half a decade of wasted opportunity in Indigenous affairs.

OPINION: Massacre histories can help define identity

It is said that history is written by the victor and history itself tells us that's true. But history can also be covered up by the victor or not written at all. I grew up in north-east Victoria, in a place called Euroa. It means 'joyful' in Taunarong.

Then Unoccupied | IndigenousX

Meanwhile in Melbourne, the world's second most liveable city, debate continues to rage around the redevelopment of one of its landmark tourist attractions, the iconic Queen Victoria Market, or the Vic Market, as us locals call it. Plans for the $250 million renewal have been developed, distributed and subsequently destroyed by committee after committee, year after year.

Put the dog whistles away, the "final solution" is here. | IndigenousX

"The final solution to the immigration problem, of course, is a popular vote." - Senator Fraser Anning, Maiden Speech, Canberra, 14 August 2018. here's the video of Fraser Anning saying "the final solution to the immigration problem, of course, is a popular vote" pic.twitter.com/n6ohvUW6Vp - Josh Butler (@JoshButler) August 14, 2018 If there was any doubt that the Australian Senate was a hotbed of racist, sexist and bigoted xenophobes then lets welcome its' newest Senator, Fraser Anning.

Daniel James: Bolt's Utopia is our Dystopia | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

As loathed as I am to give Australia's most circulated opinion blower Andrew Bolt any additional wind, his latest loathsome articles, The Foreign Invasion, which appeared in print yesterday, and his onlinearticle from earlier in the week, Watering Down Australia , do require was some examination, no matter how tiresome.

Daniel James: Why I am opting out of My Health Record | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

Initially, I was in two minds when I learnt about the My Health Record initiative to be introduced by the Federal Government. The electronic record system, which will come into effect on October 15, on the surface seems like a convenient way to keep all your health records in the one place online.

Daniel James: Lidia Thorpe, Member for Northcote | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

On paper, it would seem unlikely that a kid that grew up on a housing commission estate, left school at 14 and who has a deep rooted disdain for pomp and ceremony would go on to become the first Aboriginal Victorian to become a member of the state's Parliament.

Daniel James: Jill Gallagher and the road ahead for Victoria's Treaty | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

No-one ever said negotiating a Treaty between Traditional Owners (TO) and the Victorian State Government was going to be easy. Nothing like this has ever been attempted before by any country in the modern era. The challenges are large, but not insurmountable. The political will is there; but for how long?

The Marginalisation of Free Speech | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

Great journalism gives voice to the voiceless. It can expose corruption and unravel the complex powers structures that intersect our daily lives. One of the hallmarks of a vibrant and healthy democracy is freedom of expression - the ability to challenge authority, and to hold to account the elected, unelected and unelectable.

Welcome to the Federal Seat of Cooper | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

Melbourne, early summer 1938. Six people, on foot, leave Footscray headed to the city. For a spot of shopping, to take in some cricket or to go and see the latest movie picture at the Tivoli? No. The six led by a 77-year-old man approaching the end of his life were headed into Collins Street for a very different reason.

Daniel James: Small steps towards justice | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

The South Australian Government this week the idea of a treaty with its Aboriginal communities. The Federal Government continues to ignore and misrepresent the Uluru Statement gifted in good faith by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders. The Northern Territory Government this week have floated the idea of a treaty for their constituents.

Daniel James: Reconciliation - the new safe word | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

National Reconciliation Week has just finished. It's a week that is becoming more and more dubious in the eyes of many. The week is bookended by two nationally significant dates, 27 May the date of the successful 1967 Referendum and June 3 when we celebrate the historic High Court decision that overturned the lie that is Terra Nullius, known as the Mabo decision.

A call to arms for #HandsOffOurABC

Introduction by Croakey: The Federal Government's $84 million cut to the ABC over three years comes on top of cumulative cuts of $254 million since 2014, and threatens the organisation's "survival as an effective public broadcaster", according to Ranald Macdonald, a former senior Fairfax executive, and a Friend of the ABC.

Daniel James: Social justice incorporated | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

It's the late seventies. A windswept suburban football ground in the middle of a Melbourne winter, still a very much a white man's world. The throngs in the outer spurt support for their respective teams, united only in their mutual hatred of the umpire, colloquially known as the white maggot.

"Keep a copy of the Uluru Statement, share it, talk about it, understand it. It is history in the making"

We were told to go away, in the spirit of self-determination, and come up with a proposal to forward the constitutional change agenda. Invited to participate, to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from across the land to form a position, both leaders from our major political parties declined, didn't want to impose themselves on the machinations of our important work.

Is this the Australia we really want? | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

There's a lot happening at the moment. It was probably always thus, but let's take into account a few issues that are fundamentally impacting on our way of life and the way we see ourselves.

Daniel James: Greatness hides in plain sight | IndigenousX | IndigenousX

It's good to reflect every now and then. It's good to understand that if it wasn't for the sacrifices, the strength, and most importantly the love of those who came before us, many wouldn't be where they are today. Many wouldn't be here at all.

Don't let the shock jocks and keyboard warriors shape our view on Anzac Day

As Professor Peter Stanley, from the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society, UNSW, wrote a few years back, on Anzac Day, Australia remembers its war dead - with one tragic exception.