Welcome to my little piece of the internet.

Here I will share my thoughts, passions and ramblings with you and you’re welcome to share yours too.



Like most of us, music has and remains an important part of my life. Whether through it's creation or consumption music has been there for me...





We all need an outlet and podcasting is mine.  With my friends I have created the Simpleton podcast network. It’s a ‘comedy’ network and it can be a bit hit and miss but we have a good time and if someone gains a skerrick of enjoyment from what we do then ever better…



In the previous incarnation of this site I used it mainly as a blog to write on a range of topics, some serious some silly. This will be the space where I share some of that content and write something new from time to time.




With the proliferation of mobile technology we have all become budding photographers and I am certainly no different.