Drifter Looking for Mrs Right

Hi Ladies

My name is Daniel. I’m 5 ft 11” and enjoy sailing and bush walking. I love cooking and long romantic walks along the beach at sunset. I enjoy cinema and spending time with friends and when time permits in my hard working life I take time out to write poetry and paint oil landscapes.

I am a connoisseur of fine wines and like to have one or two casks a day. I am told that my personal hygiene isn’t up to “modern standards” so I’m trying to bathe on a more regular basis.

The fungus under my right large toe is treatable and I apply cream at least once a week when I can remember. My “bad breath” is caused by a rotting wisdom tooth that I can’t afford to get extracted at the moment because of my medium to significant debts.

I like to lead an active lifestyle because my piles mean that sitting down for any prolonged period of time results in quite a deal of pain. I love women and of the two remaining restraining orders in place I am quietly confident that there will be no more complications this time as my phone has been disconnected and my car impounded.

I am looking for a woman who will take me for who I am and not ask questions about how acquired my skin condition. Must like vacuuming.

So ladies if you’re interested please call me on 555 999 555, but not all at once lol!

Look forward to hearing from you soon!