Dear men and women of Australia, the white ones.

Men and women of Australia, the white ones.  

No I mean it. If you’re a person of colour, please put down the device you’re consuming this article on, leave the room, switch off the light and close the door behind you.

This article isn’t for you.

This article is for the persecuted majority, the white men and women who live on this big brown land of ours known as Australia. Or as some of you may know it,  Straya. 

Hey, how’s it going? I hear you’ve been going through a bit or a rough patch  People keep calling you out on your shit. You can’t even go into the Senate and advocate for the return of the White Australia Policy, without there being a gosh darn brew, haha, about it all. 

Even some of your own white folk turned on you. Even the likes of Pauline Hanson seem to denounce the ‘white’ sentiment. But you see, she is a person of vision, not to be outdone by some upstart in the white victimhood stakes. The Senator for Queensland, last week,  moved a motion for the Senate to acknowledge:

a) The deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation.

b) It is okay to be white.

Touché and checkmate fellow haters of minorities!

You see blaming white people for stuff is soooo in vogue at the moment and damn it to hell, it’s got to stop! Do you hear me?? I’m with you on this

Just because you guys own the ASX 200, and every major media outlet whether it be print, radio, television and digital. Just because you rule every Parliament in the country, you are every Premier and every Prime Minister ever. Just because you run the education, justice, health, social security and defense apparatus. Just because you guys run and own the punditry, the late night musings and are major influencers on social media. Just because you own the water, huge tracts of land, coal, sea, gas and everything else in between, doesn’t me you are not victims!!

Pauline is right, in recent times you guys have been pulled up for far too much. It has left you bewildered and in shock and thank your God that we have someone like that redheaded little battler pushing back in the Senate. Sure she’s on about $200k p.a, plus entitlements and expenses, but this is what the people elected her to do. I mean it’s not as though the Senate has anything better to do. 

We’ve seen a backlash to the Mark Knight, Jim Crowera depiction of Serena Williams. A backlash against legitimising white nationalist Steve Bannon. Andrew Bolt received heaps of criticismfor his “Foreign Invasion” piece in the little known Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph Oh I don’t need to go on just read the thread from the Nyadol Nyuon below, she sums it up nicely, but be aware, as she states in her twitter bio, she is an Australian of African appearance.

Now some would argue that Australia is quickly gaining the reputation for being the southern hemisphere’s new apartheid state, but that’s just plain silly, isn’t it? Sure we lock children up indefinitely and we incarcerate Aboriginal Australians at extraordinarily high rates. We give preferential treatment to French Au Pairs for rich pastoralists, while depriving refugees the medical attention they require. But we’re told that every case is determined on its own merit. Merit, now isn’t that an interesting word:



the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward.

It used to be that some of your wilder fringe elements like the Hansons and Cottrells of the world were just that, fringe elements. But thanks to Sky News, and the Cash Cow on Seven, these victims are not only in from the cold, they are now part of the mainstream. Some of them have garages and an audience of dozens. 

They want to make Australia great again. 

But sometimes I think they forget they’ve been in charge for the last 230 years, you’d think that Australia would be great already! I must be missing something. 

They now have megaphones to tell us how hard white people are doing it. That their race, their way of life and their institutions are under attack. I tend to agree, at this rate Australia will no longer be a white nation by as early as 3893 A.D. Time is running out. 

But I guess for the time being, you can hold onto all the institutions, major companies, government, government systems and nearly everything else. All we ask is don’t do the white-victimhood thing. It’s not flattering. It accentuates your privilege and makes you look out of touch, and maybe some of you are. 

Oh and please don’t make a victim out of me too, my mum’s white, ok?