Finally I'm in pre-production for the recording of my new album. I have a bagful of songs, ideas and lived experience to put into this next effort. It's going to be a cathartic, exhilarating and at times emotional but aren't those the main elements that anyone should have in their life for it to be full and rich.

I will most likely keep a recording diary or some such and in the coming weeks I hope to start performing at some open mic nights to hone my performance and craft my songs. 


Ten Blues Songs You Must Listen To

Ten Blues Songs You Must Listen To

I’ve listened to this powerful genre since my teen years and seeing a legendary exponent of this somewhat mystical art has given me pause to reflect on why I’m so attached to the blues. What better way to reflect than to share with you my favourite blues songs! It is by no means a definitive list and I realise that there are probably readers out there who have more knowledge in there little toe than I do in my entire body, however I know what I like and this is them.

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